Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Notes from Data Forensics [in the landscape]

Data Forensics [in the landscape]

Discovery Through Experiments

We are surrounded by electromagnetic phenomena. We cannot (for the most part) see it, feel it, hear it, or touch it. How can we experience the unseen directly? How do we even talk about the invisible? What is the phenomenological experience of electromagnetic phenomena? Can there be one?

Spectrum -- Frequency -- Wave

Electromagnetic waves are hitting your body -- entering your body -- impacting your body -- but you cannot see them or make sense of them. What are the biological effects of these unseen electromagnetic waves?
>ionizing radiation -- Chernobyl
>non-ionizing radiation -- ubiquitous -- the realm of information
How do/can you make sense of the data/information landscape?

How do you look at the world through electromagnetic phenomena?
>information leaks
>detective work
Translating electromagnetic waves to light waves or sound waves through modulations and demodulations.

Groping in the Dark -- Feeling Around

The Steps:
>detection and collection of signals
All of these things reveal some sort of story that can be pieced together -- a complex ecology of electromagnetic emissions -- devices and clusters of devices -- layers of data from the seen to the unseen -- models of a abstraction and encapsulation. Observing, revealing, and pinpointing the moment of abstraction.
>amplitude versus frequency modulation
>field of influence
>signal -- protocol -- packet
Sensing equipment:
>high-tech = WiFi
>low-tech = dousing rods
Even our thoughts emit electromagnetic waves these are visualized with CAT scans, PET scans and MRIs, etc.
>cryptography -- encryption -- fugitive information -- strategic ambiguity
How can we create/design stimulating electromagnetic events? What can we learn by exploring the invisible terrain of data/electromagnetic waves? Can network traffic be presented as a recording of a performance?
>network typologies -- network topography
Ghosts in the Machine

Can electromagnetic events be built as bridges to other worlds?
The experience of ghostly phenomena is often registered as an electromagnetic disturbance.

“Ghost in the Machine” Exhibition at the Kunstnernes Hus

Data forensics [in the landscape] at Atelier Nord

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